Welcome, a few days have passed since the party... We hope you had a good time at us, and you've returned home with good experiences, maybe even with some prizes.

Summary of the party:

243 sceners arrived
221 tickets sold
0 gamers were present
Foreign visitors arrived from 4 countries
82 compo entries had been shown
14 sponsors supported us.

As you can see, FLaG 2001 was not only a memorable event, but it attracted the most interest ever in the history of Hungarian scene parties. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to arrange great programmes, and of course we gave out nice and valuable prizes.

If you'd like to download the compo stuffs, go to the Compo stuffz page. If you'd like to see photos of the party, go to Party photoz. Or if you'd like to read party reports, click Reports.

We are continuously collecting press articles about the party, these can be found on the Press page.

If you're looking for a job...
You can contact Vulpine Technologies if you're interested in working for a German company as a 3D coder or a 3D modeller.

If you'd prefer a Hungarian game development company, Digital Reality should be your choice. They're looking for 3D coders, modellers and also 2D artists as texture creators.

And if you're in the web biz, either as a HTML guru, a pixel artist or an SWF freak, contact Mimoza Communications.

Belongings found after the party:
- An AntIQ 2000 t-shirt
- A Conference 7007 t-shirt (do all other parties suck or what? :)

Belongings being looked for:
- A pullover (belongs to Aboy / D-Eyes)


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